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We help homeowners and business clients remove unwanted tree stumps, root balls and over grown root systems with affordable stump grinding. Our reliable Houston tree stump grinding service grinds out all roots and extra wood pieces deep so another tree can be planted back if necessary. We also are equipped with a compacted stump grinding machine that will fit through a 27' inch wide gate for all those hard to reach tree stumps.

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After a tree service has removed your tree stump, it is usually left there unless removal or grinding services are specified. Tree stumps can remain in your yard for up to 7 years and be a nuisance, grinding may be the only way to remove it. Houston Tree Service Company and our stump removal crews will get the job done correctly and quickly. We have a large tractor grinder for multiple tree stump removal services that can eat any tree stump quickly. If you have a lot clearing project or large piece of land with 50 stumps or more then this service can save you money. Call today and ask about our prices and work can usually be scheduled the same day.

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